July 30, 2020 – Two months ago the Ohio Power Siting Board announced its deceitful unanimous “approval” of the Icebreaker project, which included restrictions that would make the project completely uneconomical.  (See the article referenced on the Windustrious home page.)
Previous attempts by our state to dramatically reduce our investment in renewable energy were illustrated a year ago, by the passage of HB6.
Just ten days ago, on July 21st, there was the incredible news about the immense corruption behind the creation and backing of HB6 – designed not just to take away state support of renewable energy, but to invest – in large quantities – in those corporations providing our electrical energy from nuclear power and coal.
The day after this news appeared, State Representative Michael Skindell announced plans to introduce a bill that would repeal HB6.
We are very proud that the legislator leading the way is a Windustrious Champion.  And we are delighted to see other legislators join the effort, in opposing this awful direction that many of those in power in Ohio have recently chosen to adopt.
Let us return to true leadership in Ohio!  And thank you, Representative Skindell, for your strong action in moving us in that essential, and truly powerful, direction!