Kelly Kupcak

“Hard Hatted Women supports the initiatives of Windustrious Cleveland in the movement to ensure that Ohioans have access to a clean environment, good jobs, and equitable development through wind production. Movement towards implementing a wind turbine supply chain and all critical components related to creating the off-shore wind farm need to be a priority not only for the region, but for Ohio.

As an organization that works to create economic self-sufficiency for women, Hard Hatted Women applauds the efforts of Windustrious Cleveland and its supporters. The jobs that would be created by developing a wind farm in areas such as the construction, maintenance and operation of such green energy production options would provide women with a multitude of nontraditional career options. Because women continue to live in poverty at rates that exceed those for their male counterparts, access to high-wage, high growth careers are of critical importance.

By increasing the wages and benefits to workers through green jobs, especially when they are unionized, workers and their families move out of poverty and contribute to the economic stability of a region. Linking women to advanced energy manufacturing, production, operation and maintenance careers is essential to impact not only the status of women and their families, but of the health and wealth being of our communities. For all of these reasons, Hard Hatted Women is a strong supporter of the initiative of Windustrious Cleveland.”

Kelly Kupcak,
Director of Policy,
Hard Hatted Women
Kelly is a member of the Ohio Apollo Alliance Steering Committee